Stick to "1 micron order accuracy"

We focus on micron-level engineering and production to mass-produce high quality precision parts.
We always try to make higher level precision products.

Make a "Dream and Hope to come true"

We want to help customer's various ideas to realize.

Wish to give a "Surprise"

We want to be a specialist of plastic molder
to make attractive products by gathering our technology and creativity.

Make impossible to "Possible"

We try to make "World first" products which only Itomol can do.


Our efforts to environment

Our company understand that enviroment protection is the most important issue. We carry out environmental protection activities as follows. To make better environment by improving energy efficiency, reducing waste and recycle activities through developping prastic products and production activities.


『Stick to micron order accuracy precision』

To mass product a high quality plastic precision part with finger tip size, we stick to even 1 micron.
(※1 : 1μm=1/1000mm)

We'll try to produce higher level precision parts.