Our mission is "We contribute to people's happiness by making attractive products concentrated our technology and the originality".

This mission serves all people's happiness including our customers by molding through new technology and new method free from the coventioanl approach about "Dream and Idea" to be realized.


Ever since the founding of our business, we have been manufacturing a composite molding part focused on small precision under this company mission.

"The processing accuracy management of 1-Micron order", "The material property control of 1-Pellet", these are our manufacturing policy as "Monozukuri policy". On the other hand, we try to provide our products that is said "Only Itomol can do" with putting various ideas as the keyword of "Excitement", "Fun" and "Surprise".


In recent years, Global needs become more diverse and complicated. We constantly strive to contribute to our customer, employee, region, nation and world by providing our products realized "Dream and Idea"with imaged sharply.


We hope we'll have your support and cooperation from now on.